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Trying the Bali Markets...

Before I begin this blog, it is important to know that I am not a shopper. I am not someone who likes to go walking around shops. However, the 'talk up' by friends about how great and cheap it is to shop at the Bali markets I got lured into going and seeing. So it was shopping day in Kuta! I went with a friend and had a heap of fun with Mr Boss! [Affectionately known as by our Bali driver] For today we caught a taxi to Kuta. This was just fine. Before getting into a taxi in Bali, it is best to negotiate the price. Ask around [maybe where you are staying] to see what the average price is to travel from place to place.

While traveling from Seminyak to Kuta we passed the site of the Bali Bombings and the Memorial that is there now...eerie feeling. At the bombing site there was nothing there but an empty space - maybe in respect for the lives lost. The Memorial is impressive and there were many people visiting it. Many Australians to stop to pay their respects, someone seems to know someone listed on the memorial.

Then it was time to wander around Kuta...crazy busy! First some of the Malls and then the markets...with the 'authentic' copies??? Mr Boss do all the bartering!! I just did all the 'don't touch me' and 'I'm already sexy don't need sexy dress'. I know some people love this vibe but it confirmed that it really is not my thing. I was looking forward to lunch mostly. The choice of eating places is not as good as Eat Street, Seminyak. They seem to be more commercialised e.g. Hard Rock Cafe.

Love that you can get 'ice cold piss' on the street for while you are shopping! In fact, lots of people walking around drinking bintangs while shopping. It was a pretty hot day today...probs the hottest.

Kuta is a great tourist place but again it is not quite my scene. I can tick it off my list now but I won't need to return when I am visiting Bali again. It kind of reminds me of Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia. But as I do with all places I travel, its not a negative just another experience. I still walked away having seen things and experienced things that I never have before. Made it back to Villa in Seminyak via a taxi and the first bit of rain since I arrived started to bucket down! Six days and first rain, not bad for wet season! Really good day...lots of laughs!

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