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Travel Gear

Our Set Up

This is a bit of an overview of our exploring 'stuff' and the history of how we got to this stage.  We currently don't have any plans to upgrade to a caravan, although maybe we might get a hybrid, still deciding.  The reason for this is due to not yet being on the road full-time we think it is an expense that can wait.  We are very happy exploring with our camper trailer.

We both have a background of camping and 4WDing.  When we met we both had Nissan Navaras and tents.  After a while, we decided to put all our energy and of cause, money, into Anthony's 2010 Nissan Narava and setting up to be our travel car.

So the setting up of 'Nancy' to be a serviceable travelling and camping car for us began in 2016.  From there it has grown...


Nissan 'Nancy' Narvara and tent.


Nissan 'Nancy' Narvara and swags.


Nissan 'Nancy' Narvara and Austrack Telegraph Lt


Nissan 'Nancy' Narvara and Austrack Telegraph Lt

October 2020

2018 Nissan Ti Patrol y62 and Austrack Telegraph Lt

2013 Harley Davidson
TriGlide Ultra Classic

We also own a Harley Davidson Trike which we go

for day trips and overnighters. 

It is fantastic - we love her so much!

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