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Out and about... in Bali!

Day I ventured outside of Seminyak towards South Bali for a tour around the southern coastline. Hiring a driver is the best way to do this. My advice when trying to locate a driver is either to go with the one recommended where you are staying or ask friends who have used a driver before in Bali. Having a great driver makes the experience all the better. Cost wise is can be between $A60 - $A80 which for a day is too good to be true. If you get a great driver, you also learn so much more about Balinese culture and day to day life.

First stop Nusa Dua...not my cup of tea, beach is too commercialised....watersports by the package! However, I know many friends who love visiting Nusa Dua. I can see that it would be a great place to stay if you have children, there is so much to be involved with. My vision for when I visit Bali is all around rest and relaxation coupled with learning about another culture. Nusa Dua has too much going on for me. But like all of my travel, I have seen it and I know what it is all about.

Next stop Finn Beach Club..absolutely gorgeous...but a very long wait for the inclinator to the beautiful the swim was averted! This was disappointing because the water was so clear and turquoise. If you really want to spend time here, then factor in a day visit. [Post blog - Finn Beach Club has now moved to near Cannggu]

Jump in the car and at the advice of the driver it was off to Single Fin for lunch. Great food, great people, great views...watching the surfers out in the surf doing their thing on the beach of Uluwatu. This was a low key, cliff sitting venue for lunch. It is more cafe style food and has a great vibe. I believe it can be super busy but due to the time of the year of this trip, there really was not much of a crowd. Maybe it ignites in the late afternoons and nights. Guess another trip back to see if this is true is in order. Another tip, ensure you have a hat and sunscreen. if doing the lunch thing. The best lunching areas are not under cover and it is very hot. However, I loved it!

After lunch, it was off to Uluwatu. What another fantastic place. The Uluwatu Balineses Hindu Temple on the cliff side is amazing. I was mesmerised! The architecture is outstanding. You just stand and wonder about the people who built the temple on the cliff. It is a place of worship of Siva Rudra, the Balinese Hindu deity of all elements and aspects of life in the universe. That's pretty cool when you think about it. This is a must do when in Bali. Also, if you want to see some monkeys there are lots of cheeky monkeys that blew me away too!!! The monkeys here need to be observed carefully...they like to take your things. Take hats and sunglasses off. Tuck necklaces away. But still worth seeing.

Finally headed back home through peak hour traffic. Crazy cars and bikes going everywhere and not one bit of road rage. It all seems to work. It is a must remember if you hire a scooter, drive the same way. Do not follow Australian road rules, they do not exist. Spend time watching how the traffic flows in Bali and then drive the same. Hesitation becomes a problem.

Home for a dip in the pool and out for another beautiful meal at The Bistrot in Seminyak! The interior of the restaurant is sensational. It has the he atmosphere of an early 20th century Vintage restaurant. The design and style is amazing. The Bistrot is a quality venue. The food and service are outstanding.

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