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Undarra - An amazing experience

Day 3 - Today was all about experiencing what Undara has to offer. We started the morning with a walk to Atkinson’s Lookout. It was spectacular! Then during the heat of the day 33, we relaxed in the bistro area. Beautiful meals, great view! It is very cool with old Queensland railway carriages making up the buildings. Then in the afternoon we went on The Archway walk of the lava tubes - totally amazing! I have been in some amazing caves but these are really cool made of lava that flowed from a volcanic eruption 170000 years ago. Excellent day - it is heating up but the nights are still bearable.

Day 4 - We had a great day with @the.gallagher.tribe They pulled up camp next to us and they are great people!! Make sure you follow them! We headed off together today to walk the crater rim of Kalkani Crater! It just 15mins drive from Undara Experience. Tick that off the list...walking the rim of a volcano!! Then we all headed off to explore Mt Surprise and a surprise it was. What a great little gem. It has a fantastic little railway museum. Lots of history to look at here. Give yourself an hour to look at this town!!


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