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Off to Gili Trawangan

We left the lovely village of Candidasa and headed to the port to get our ferry to Gili T island. The transfer to Gili T was an's all about trust!! Getting our luggage on the boat, getting us on the boat and the boat getting us there safely!! TRUST! With Mt Agung in the backdrop we headed to Gili Trawangan.

It all happened just fine and what we arrived at was what I had only looked at in photos since I was little! We are on a small island with white sand and simple lifestyle! Getting off the boat was crazy...everything and everyone coming at you...bartering for the donkey to get to the resort. It was another one of those challenging 'animal' moments again!! I felt sorry for the donkey but there is no motorised transportation on this island. But I struggled with putting three people and our luggage on the cart for the donkey to pull. I just hope and pray that these beautiful animals are well looked after. The dilemma is, if you do not use them then the drivers do not earn an income.

We arrived at the resort, Vila Ombok and it is beautiful. After another 'negotiation' situation we were finally happy with our accommodation. Sometimes you have to take a check, you are not in Australia anymore, you are visiting another country and so your normal expectations need to be relaxed. There is so much to do on this island....casual walking, glass bottom boating, snorkeling, scuba diving. Our choice has been walking and boating. The Glass Bottom boat ride was around the island of Gili T. You have an opportunity to see sea life, turtles in particular, and coral reefs. It is spectacular.

For the evening we went for a walk around close by watching the sunset on the horizon. They always amaze me. This one has equaled my favourite of Mindl Beach, Darwin. For the evening we attended a dinner buffet style at the resort (not fantastic) but the setting and scenery was brilliant! The weather is just perfect!! Blessed!

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