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Dealing with Bali Belly...and then....

Day 5 and 6 - So Mr Anthony got Bali Belly on Thursday, so it was day of nursing for me!! It started around 3am and continued until late in the evening. Lomital and water was his diet for the day. Went and bought some multivitamins from a local pharmacy too. Bali Belly must be factored into a trip to Bali and if you avoid it count your blessings. We have been doing all the regular safeguards - use only bottle watered [even when brushing teeth], don't open mouth in shower, don't order ice cubes [we did at what we thought were reliable venues] but despite being conscious of all these risks - he still managed to get it.

By Friday morning although tender Anthony had bounced back! We started the day at The Bistrot again for breakfast. The decor there is really cool! After brekky we decided it would be a good idea to start taking some Yukult, so we went to the Coco supermarket in Eat Street and purchased 5 for A$1. We read on a Bali tip site that it was a good idea, also have now heard it is a good idea to start doing before leaving for your Bali holiday.

After brekky, it was back to The Shampoo Lounge and the Bali Barber [they are a twin business] for some pampering for both Anthony and I. Another mani and leg waxing for me, for Anthony a shave [cutthroat], pedi (first one ever) and 30min foot massage. We were there for about 2 hours and it cost A$90. Service was first class. Anthony's toes look fantastic!!

We decided to go for a little walk around some other streets in Seminyak other than Eat Street as Anthony felt adventurous moving away from the safety of a toilet. We found some great little back streets with awesome little shops, cafes, homewares and artworks. Sometimes, we feeling comfortable, it is great to venture wider. There can be so much more to see and often more authentic to where you are visiting.

We made a few little purchases, had lunch at a Mexican [some American guy was saying it was the best he had been in] and then tried to find our way back to the Villa. Found a few dead ends but got there. Spent the afternoon poolside again, this is an absolute beauty of Villa 888, your own private pool.

For dinner it was off to try another restaurant along Eat Street, Seminyak - Batik. This is a relatively new restaurant in Seminyak. It reflects Indonesian Batik Art and South East Asian cultures. There is a blend of traditional and modern culture. For a beginning restaurant, I think they are doing well.

The days are filled with relaxing and joy!! Last day in the Villa and next we head off on an adventure around Bali.

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