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Day 2 in Bali!! Another great day...amazing weather helping to make everything perfect! At this time of the year, rain really should be spoiling my holiday.... it is the wet season which means humidity and rain. So is great. This morning started with breakfast La Lucciola, a fabulous restaurant on the beach. It is going to become repetitive but it is another fantastic restaurant. La Lucciola overlooks Seminyak beach which during the morning is spectacular. It has great food and you can just spend hours there in the morning just chatting, breakfasting and coffee on repeat. When leaving it was a look at the famous Petitenget Temple next door.

It was then time to hit the Day Spa for half the day....OMG...full body massage...body scrub and pedi...2 hours of pure bliss for $A50. This is the absolute essential experience when in Bali. I always go to a reputable 'Day Spa' with good reviews. You do pay that bit more than street vendors but it is worth it. Really at $A50, its still way cheaper than the same experience in Australia. There is nowhere I know that you can get all that for $A50.

For lunch today, it was back to the SoHo 24 Diner and more people watching. The casual vibe of this place and the 'live' entertainment keeps drawing me back to this place. At lunch, I tend to keep it casual and relaxed as dinner in the evening is always to full on.

Back for afternoon resting, poolside in the Villa. The choices for meals are many and for tonight the choice was Ginger Moon to finish the evening with a beautiful meal and cocktails!!! Again another divine day!! This life is, activity, lunch, relax, dinner, sleep and repeat.

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