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It's all about New Year in Bali!

The past two days were all about New Year's in Bali. We had already scouted out and booked the today was total relaxation. I started with another beautiful breakfast then off to the spa for another massage and foot reflexology! This is my absolute luxury when I am in Bali...squeeze in as many massages as I can.

As is the standard for lunchtime it was Drinks @ Soho again watching the street get NYE ready! The amount of cartons that can be carrying on the back of a scooter is astounding. You could feel the vibe building in the street. Watching something like this unfold was quite interesting. Looks like Eat Street is going to party central. Something to be aware of when visiting around Eat Street in Seminyak is the street is often closed or one way when there are big events on or festivals. It can be very difficult to move around this area when that is happening.

After lunch it was back to Villa for a swim and nap...then more swimming and pre-drinks! Make sure you get your duty free...its handy for around the pool drinks! Spent the afternoon relaxing (except jumping every 5 secs from the fireworks constantly going off since around 3pm) because we have a big night ahead! It was a bit interesting as there is a heighten terrorist alert for new years eve and an extra 10 000 police arrived in Bali! If you have a good driver, they seem to have the inside information about these things and where to go and not to go. Think peace is definitely the call for 2015!!

CHEZ GADO GADO is definitely the place to celebrate New Year's with a bit of class. We indulged in a degustation dinner with matching wines. The venue is overlooking the beach. We were very lucky with the weather enabling us to have a table on the deck. The music was great and the food sensational. Throughout the night there is constantly fireworks going off on the beach, also candle lanterns being released into the night sky.

At the strike of midnight, the beach went off with fireworks everywhere...the sky was alight. It was a great way to spend New Year's. There was a bit of a challenge fighting the traffic to get back to the Villa...but its new year' it should have been.

The next day was all about the recovery. Having an experience of Bali Belly only mild thankfully! [OK...maybe a hangover!] So no venturing out's just been plain rice with soy sauce poolside and lots of naps in the 4 post bed!! Pretty great way to recover.

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